What does a Virtual Private Network (VPN) do?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure connection usually created on the internet. While connected, data is not directly received and sent between the recipient and sender. Rather, a VPN tunnel is used to transport encrypted data first to the VPN server, then, using various security attributes, data is transported via the secure VPN tunnel until it reaches the recipient. Using tunnels not only secures your data but also leaves it intact.

What a VPN does is to hide the IP address (that address that identifies the device you use) from the public. Your location can therefore not be traced. Any malicious person who attempts to locate you will instead access the VPN server and cannot tell the origin of the data.

How can one change location on Google?

The feature that Google uses for search is localized. This means that the results you get on search are dependent on where you are. This is done so as to maintain relevance. For instance, if you are in New York City; every search will generate results relating to New York City.

But, what if you don’t want your search results to return physical location based results? There are alternatives methods for bypassing Google’s structures. One of the most reliable and swiftest ways is to search via “ISearchFrom.com” website. The website gives you an option of inputting your location of preference as you perform the search.

“ISearchFrom.com” will also display for you how other users in various parts of the world view your website.

Benefits of using FreeVPN.eu on Skype

Microsoft’s Skype is a phenomenal communication tool all over the world today. People from all walks of life use it frequently to make video calls, to chat and send data files to colleagues, family and, friends.

As a result of its popularity, people with ill-motives have tried all sorts of methods to violate Skype’s security. Some of the attempts have succeeded leaving the users disappointed and with no trust for the service. There’s a solution however, Free VPN ensures ultimate security for your data, call connection and chats through Skype.

When you connect to Skype through Free VPN, you are assured that your personal details are not at risk of being exposed. Your chats, calls and, data on the internet remain private. The information is anonymous and cannot, therefore, be traced back to you regardless of the device you are using.

Downloading torrents using a free VPN

BitTorrent and UTorrent are some of the most popular shared download tools. One can use either of these torrent services to acquire data files, media, and programs. These downloading services come loaded with high-security risks. Without your knowledge, you can download torrents from a malicious provider, or you can be tracked down as you download. Not every service or source is trustworthy.

How then can you ensure safety while downloading torrents? Instead of risking your files, you can employ the use of VPN services. The Free VPN service will ensure no virus or malware reaches your device by whatever means.

In case there’s an attack attempt, the Free VPN will sieve all your downloaded items and make sure you only receive clean data. You will also be assured that your IP address remains private and secured. This is definitely a must-have service for you if you download frequently.

Can i use freevpn.eu for online streaming?

The answer is YES!

You see, streaming makes you a potential victim of malware attacks, virus attacks or worse still, you can get intruders who access your personal information and use it. Free VPN will protect you by ensuring you are unreachable by hackers. This VPN server becomes a barrier for illicit entry into your device or connection. Free VPN also ensures your IP address remains anonymous.

Additionally, it enables one to stream location restricted movies and TV shows. Once you are connected to Free VPN, you are enabled to use our server in that particular country where your choice program is circulated from. This means, your physical address will seem to be within the region hence sidestepping the restrictions.

What does censorship mean and how does it dominate in the current world?

Censorship simply means information control. It’s a historical practice mostly applied by large organizations, media, powerfully positioned people and governments to limit people’s access to information. This eventually affects how people think. Censorship involves promoting particular ideologies forcefully to a given group of people. It can be applied to suppress ideas that seem dangerous.

Today, governments, for example, the North Korean Government uses censorship to limit its people to only use approved websites.

Can one alter an iPhone’s location?

An iPhone has GPS tracking which makes it a suitable phone for navigation. However, if one wants their location to remain anonymous, the phone must be “jailbroken”. This allows one to access superior development features, therefore, enabling you to install an application that stalls GPS, for example, “LocationFaker”. The application helps you alter your location and reset back GPS settings as desired.

What are proxy servers?

You may have heard the term “Proxy Server” and wonder what it means? A proxy server is a device that is located in-between a private network or personal device and the internet or a web server. A proxy server is used as an intermediary device and can perform services on behalf of a computer.

In a situation using a proxy server, the following chain of events will take place – Firstly a client device will send a request to the proxy (this could be a web page or a file for example). The proxy server will then check its cache and complete the request if possible, if it cannot, it will contact the end server to perform the request instead. Once received the proxy will then store said request in its cache and return the result to the client. This use of a proxy server is a great form of protection and can prevent unwarranted attacks or malicious files being transmitted to a client device.

Internet Cookies – What are they are they?

A cookie is a text file that registers ones browsing habits. It enables you to improve your browsing experience by personalizing the display and arrangement on your computer. It’s a widely used and acceptable tool that is only placed on your device if you allow.

Cookies are harmless as they can only be used to collect data and not spread malware.

Can you browse the web anonymously?


One can use a service like Tor network to scramble data flow paths so that an action cannot be traced to the computer sending it.

Alternatively, you can use a VPN service like Free anonymous VPN to hide the IP address thus making your location and device inaccessible to anyone trying to access it.