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Welcome to our VPN service. As a VPN service provider, we believe that your right to privacy on the web is as vital as it is in the physical world. The safety of your personal information should always be a guarantee on the web. We believe in safe browsing without fear or worry about who might be secretly watching your every move.

Our VPN service provides top-notch security and privacy that protects you from witty hackers and unnecessary surveillance. It hides your public IP address from everyone. Through encryption, it secures your online data. If privacy on the web is what you are looking for, then you are in the right place. Yes, there are those offering what we offer, but none provides what we do.

Our VPN can help to:

  • Encrypt your private data
  • Hinder unauthorized  access to your personal information when browsing the web
  • Provide a secure line of communication with friends, family, and business
  • Download large files without any restrictions
  • Guard against any form of online attacks
  • Fortify your Wi-Fi connection provides you with a secure connection on the web. As long as you are using, your IP address cannot be seen by anyone. If it cannot be seen, then it cannot be traced. If it cannot be traced, then someone cannot monitor your activities on the web.

Furthermore, your data is always encrypted. Regardless of whether it’s coming in or exiting your device (mobile or computer) no one can temper or maliciously attack it. There is more, the speed of our VPN service is on another level. You can easily and safely download large files without any restrictions.


Why is a VPN essential for online activity?

The internet ushered in an era of technological advancements. As some people opted for the legal and proper way of profiting from it, others chose the illegal way. Now, the online community is always battling entities like hackers, spammers, corporations, and governments who can at any time access your information cheaply and easily.

Such individuals and agencies have come up with software that enables them to track, hack and collect data from online users without their consent. Public Wi-Fi has attracted such a huge following yet they are the loopholes hackers use to intercept people’s logins, passwords, and credit card details. 

Why is a VPN essential for online activity? It protects you from such vulnerabilities as the ones listed above. Hackers will have a hard time accessing your data.  It helps you secure your data from unwanted individuals and entities. You can browse freely without fearing that BIG BROTHER is watching.


Why choose

Why should you choose The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. By the end of the day, your safety on the web matters to us. There is no need to wake up one day, and your identity is gone. You wake up to an empty bank account because of hackers. (Free VPN) helps you avoid such problems easily.

Why choose (Free VPN)? Well, because:

The internet is our playground: we understand the internet. We have the knowledge required to navigate smoothly through the internet. It is this knowledge that helped us create our very own VPN service that we offer to you. The VPN service that ensures your personal information sticks to being just personal and not public. We are well equipped to handle the internet and its complex security system.

We respect your right to privacy: we believe your right to privacy should never be limited to certain platforms. We respect this basic human right. Through our VPN service, we maintain this right by offering you an anonymous online experience. We believe our customers are the lifeline of our service and their satisfaction is never optional. Passion drives our service; that’s why we believe in providing a professional VPN system that is to customer satisfaction.


Who can benefit from using

The internet is for everyone, and so is But just in case, here is a list of the many that can benefit from using

Businesses: regardless of how far and wide your business is spread, employees can safely and securely connect with your business network through Free VPN. Your business communications are assured of complete privacy without the possibility of any malicious attacks. With Free VPN your business can operate from any location without any possibility of breach of data.

Long distance relationships: in case you have a spouse, friend, family member or relatives who are abroad, with secure and private communications is guaranteed. Free VPN provides an easier way to interact with your loved ones privately and securely.

Globetrotters: with the internet, the world became a global village. Now globetrotters can share content in real time across the world on the web. With the hotel Wi-Fi networks, it gets even easier to communicate back home with family members. However, with the vulnerabilities of public Wi-Fi  plays a huge role in ensuring security and privacy of communication. Free VPN helps globetrotters share their experiences including photos and videos in a secure way. They can also securely browse the internet giving them access to internet websites that might have been geographically blocked.

Tom, Dick, Harry, and Jane: This free vpn server is not limited to a specific group of people. As long as you can access the internet and you are security conscious, then this service is for you. With the possibilities in the digital web are exponential. You can anonymously and securely communicate with friends, family members and your business from any part of the world.  Is there a website you would like to access that is geographically blocked, helps you get access. Is your freedom of speech being infringed and you are scared of getting traced and punished by the government, has got you covered.

Our free vpn service guarantees safe and secure internet connectivity and communication. With us, your privacy and safety on the web is our number one priority. So, why not give us a try and see your internet experience change for the better.