Browse the web with the absolute best in privacy and security – Surf your favorite websites, download files, and enjoy the internet as it should be – safe and secure

Are you tired of feeling like someone is always watching your every move on the web? Maybe this is why all the pop up ads on the web seem to suggest knowing your browser history. You might have even tried going incognito mode once or twice but still never felt secure.

The internet is a great and useful place, but sadly it’s not safe. Our Free VPN offers you a secure and private way to browse the internet without fear or worry. You can even download large files and torrent without any restrictions. The free VPN service solves your internet privacy and security problems one time.

Browse the web with the absolute best in privacy and security – Surf your favorite websites, download files, and enjoy the internet as it should be – safe and secure

The right to privacy is an essential human right. We believe it should cut across all aspects of our lives and not just certain areas. The digital world is expanding quickly and the threats surrounding it get even more sophisticated. Our VPN service offers online security and anonymity of the highest standards to protect the digital world. Our users come first, and their satisfaction is non-negotiable. We strive to offer the best among the rest. To give our users fast, secure and anonymous browsing experience that is efficient and reliable.

The internet’s newest and most sophisticated VPN Service that puts your privacy and security first. No questions asked

The internet was built on the foundations of openness, to allow people to interact freely without fear or worry. Using the same premise, we built our Free VPN service to allow people to continue interacting freely and openly without fear or restrictions. No one should be denied or restricted form enjoying the vast information and opportunities the internet has to offer. You should be able to browse the internet from any corner of the world freely. Access all it has to offer freely without any geographical restrictions. Download whatever useful files you want without any restrictions. Communicate with your loved ones freely without any fear. This is what we believe in, and it is what led us to create a VPN service that encompasses such beliefs. Our VPN service provides you with the security and anonymity you need and deserve.

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  • Anonymous access to the internet: To beat the system innovation is required. People already know they are being watched and monitored on the web. This goes against their right to privacy, which is offensive to many people. With our Free VPN service, we offer you the anonymity feature that privatizes your every move on the web. Your privacy is guaranteed every time you are on the web. Using our VPN service nobody can locate or trace your whereabouts. You get to browse without fear of any repercussions, neither from any surveillance nor hackers. Learn More
  • No logging policy: Your personal information remains just that, personal. All your web activities remain private. We neither inspect nor keep a record of them. Our servers are always hosted in localities that do not enforce any logging policies. Without any logging policy, your anonymity on the web is guaranteed at all times Learn More
  • Unlimited access to restricted websites: Some websites are geographically restricted. This means they can’t be accessed in certain countries. But what if you are from a country that has access to certain websites and you travel to a country that does not have access to the websites? Or what if you are in a country that is restricted from accessing certain streaming websites? It sucks not being able to enjoy what others are enjoying or what you are used to enjoying because you traveled. However, since the internet was meant to be free for all and we believe in that too, with our free VPN you can access those restricted websites. By masking your IP address, which hides your physical location, free VPN helps you appear to be located in the required locality even if you are not. This allows you access to restricted websites. Learn More
  • Connect to public Wi-Fi networks safely and securely: Public Wi-Fi’s have attracted such a huge following. They are almost everywhere, in hotels, airports, bars, restaurants, and many other chilling spots. Since they are free nobody gives a hoot of the vulnerabilities they expose themselves to. But if cheap is expensive what about free? Such hotspots are a hackers paradise as it is easy to by-pass the weak Wi-Fi securities and access people’s data. VPN offers a safer means of using free public Wi-Fi networks without compromising your data. Learn More
  • IP address and private data protection: On the web, your password is not enough to protect your data; incognito mode too is not enough. The security of your data is always at risk when browsing the net without the necessary security enforcement. The moment someone accesses your IP address, they have a direct link to your devices, and you are at their mercy. VPN offers you a way to be anonymous on the web. Free VPN hides your IP address denying anyone the opportunity to trace your position. This also locks out any possibility of your data being accessed. Learn More
  • Your business connections are always secure: Businesses operating from different points of the globe and nomadic employees always on the road can benefit from VPN services. Using, they can relay information from one point to another securely and privately. encrypts all your business sensitive data while hiding your IP address to secure your data completely. Learn More
  • Cross-platform access and multiple protocols: Regardless of the platform you use to connect with the web our Free Open VPN AES-256 and Free PPTP VPN protocols have got you covered. These ensure compatibility across some platforms such as Linux, Mac, iOS, PC and Android devices. We are at your service, your journey to a safer and secure browsing experience starts here, try us today. Learn More

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